Hybrid – K Buildings

A K Building, simply put, is the strongest most versatile way of putting up a building. The steel frames are anchored to concrete piers or walls and provide engineered strength that will last a lifetime.  The required #1 southern yellow pine wood secondary also provides superior strength as well as versatility.  The decision to partner with K Buildings, the leading provider of hybrid buildings, was simply based on quality.  At “K”, quality comes from the engineering, outstanding fabrication and the highest quality materials.

All Steel – Star Buildings

Founded in 1927, Star Buildings is a technological leader in the industry.  With over 300,000 satisfied customers, Star Buildings offers advantages far beyond traditional construction.  Star works with architects, contractors and owners to meet budgetary considerations and future expansion needs.  Star’s sophisticated building system can easily incorporate glass, wood, stucco, brick and stone to create versatile structures that have dramatic effects or that seamlessly blend with their environment.